We are moving again!

Why? Again? You may ask. With current volume of traffic and attack, our budget for technical stuff doesn't efficient anymore. It also consumes a lot of time of our team to oversee and maintenance. So rather than spend more money on it or find people to take care of our sites, we move our store back to Shopify.

What do you need to do to check your order? Visit this link

Use your old account and lost pass. You can no longer use your old password to access to your account. If you still want to use our old website, you can go to this link ( that old site 'll be inactive in next 50 days)

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Zhong-hao Yeh

Hello My account can not log in Is the data not yet transferred to the old site ? Visit your link I can not confirm my order Because it showed “Invalid login credentials”

Zhong-hao Yeh

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